Thursday, March 22, 2012

Become 100% Committed to Your Commitments

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"I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do."
Leonardo da Vinci

As a practicing Catholic, I have been known to give up one or two things for the season of Lent before Easter, 40 days of sacrificing some thing as a way to honor the life and death of Jesus. Many people give up meat on Fridays, and others give up sweets or alcohol. 

Well in true over-achiever style, I gave up all three! Not that it wasn't a challenge, because it was. But I gave myself one little out... this year the Lenten season fell during my birthday, St. Patrick's Day, a bachelorette party and a few other important events, so I decided to allow myself *one* glass of wine per week. 

At first it was easy, because I savored my one weekly glass. But toward the third week I noticed my one pour becoming steadily larger. And toward the fifth week it had nearly become *one* bottomless glass. 

What happened is that since I broke once ("well it's just one tiny drop more"), it became easier to continue to break until the lines became blurred between one glass and three!

If we compare this to our own lives, how many times have we committed to do something--OR not do something--and found ourselves cheating a little bit. Slowly we cheat more and more until we no longer have any firm commitment or take any solid action. Then we get lazy and before we know it we forgot what we promised to do in the first place. 

In some cases, when we commit to other people, say to call them back or deliver on service, and we do not follow through, we begin to procrastinate. Procrastination can lead to guilt which can turn to overwhelm about the action. That's the point that we either get paralyzed from taking any action altogether, or alternatively fall off the wagon and drink the whole bottle of wine. 

This happens A LOT! With both important and minor things. Remember the last few times that this happened to you? What were you going through at the time? Had the terror barrier hit you?

The lesson from today's article is to forgive yourself when you've fallen off the wagon. Don't let guilt paralyze you! Get back up and continue to ride toward your goals or commitments. It feels a thousand times better to swallow your pride and keep your promises even if it's late (remember "better late than never"?), than to feel the guilt and paralysis from inaction.  

*A tip of the hat to Jack Canfield's Success Principles, where I first read about 100% commitment. 

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