Friday, August 15, 2014

Age is all relative when it comes to fulfilling your dreams

Age is really all relative.

This week alone, I happened to be asked my age numerous times in both business and outside of business. Do I look that young? Certainly it’s a compliment, and yes, genes do play a part, and yes I also take care of herself physically and use products that I feel are keeping me younger in the long run. And I guess that I happen to have a lot of energy when dealing with people and so appear “young,” or at least younger.

Yet, I recently had an interesting experience with a gentleman who I'm doing mission coaching with. He's 20 years my senior, and this gentleman was feeling unfulfilled in his life and work. He was lost and couldn’t find his purpose and had no dreams. Although 20 years his junior, I had exactly experienced most of the same issues and challenges this gentleman had AND more importantly, had already learned how to overcome them and turn them into opportunities.

Have you ever said any of the following: 

I’m too young to …..
I’m too old to……
I’m not educated enough for…..
I’m not smart enough to……

Those are just excuses your mind makes up as a form of self sabotage. They are just that—excuses. When you realize that you are the only one in your own way of your dreams and goals, and you are able to help others in your business no matter what, the shift will happen in your life and business.

When you have a burning desire to do something, NOTHING can get in your way. There are kids from middle class families creating million dollar companies that combat human trafficking, and there are people fired from their jobs at middle age that create companies they're passionate about.

Remember this the next time you make up an excuse for why you can’t serve others. 

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Lemongrass Spa is #OnAMission to Spread Awareness of All Natural Skincare Products

Alexandra with Lemongrass Spa founder Heidi Leist(Alexandra having fun interviewing Lemongrass Spa founder Heidi Leist
Alexandra having fun interviewing Lemongrass Spa founder Heidi Leist
Last weekend I had the honor of attending convention of a company very special to me: Lemongrass Spa, a mission-driven company whose mission is to spread awareness of all natural and organic handmade products and provide the very highest quality products possible (Disclaimer: I am a consultant for Lemongrass Spa, which is a direct sales company. To learn more about the company and products, click here). 

Apart from meeting the founders Heidi and Bryan Leist, a heart-centered couple that is highly accessible, networking and bonding with other Lemongrass Spa consultants, I learned quite a bit about sales and business that is relevant to everyone.

Featured keynote speaker Belinda Ellsworth has decades worth of experience in direct sales companies. Here are the key takeaways from Belinda as well as other speakers from the weekend:

Priorities of a Successful Leader by Belinda Ellsworth
  • Goal Setting/Vision: Only 13% of people set goals and 3% have any big picture vision for their life. Furthermore, only 1% of individuals have the natural ability to be born leaders and build vision in others. Leaders must set goals for themselves and others, have a big picture vision, and learn/emulate from other leaders. If you do this, you will be in the top percentile of leaders in your industry.
  • Schedule Your Day/Week: Try this exercise: for a week write down EVERYTHING you do in your day. Chances are you will find you waste a ton of time on things that are not furthering your business or personal growth. Instead, try scheduling your day and week in advance. And most importantly, stick to it. At the end of the day, check your progress and see where you've been spending most of your time. Discipline is a muscle, you need to practice it.
  • Create the Spark: Everywhere you go, create passion around your mission and business.
5 D's of Success by Belinda Ellsworth:
  • Decision: decide what you want
  • Desire: continues to build/grow
  • Details: Daily to do lists builds your discipline, make sure to set reasonable expectations of what you can do
  • Destination: make sure to reach it
  • Determination: decide what you want, follow through, never lose sight of the end result and keep going
5 Gifts of Direct Selling by Belinda Ellsworth:
  • Financial Freedom
  • Flexibility of Time
  • Friendships
  • Recognition
  • Personal Growth & Self Esteem
Other Keys to Success:
  • Set your day into 15-minute increments of income producing activities
  • Focus on your business 4 days a week
  • People will mirror what you put out
  • Commitment: Keep your commitments
  • Consistent: follow through on the mundane tasks even if you don't want to do them.
  • Organization: Keep all your sales leads in one folder.
  • Make booking calls when you're on fire, not when you're desperate for leads! Your confidence will shine through!
  • Follow up: follow up, follow up!
  • Focus on why people love your product/service and focus on that.
  • Never pre-judge your clients or prospects. You never know what someone is going through that could lead them to want to work with you. Always do the sales talk no matter what. Invite them to be your client, they may be waiting for you.
  • Ideal Client: envision your ideal client
  • Share: Love for your product/service, integrity of the company, friendships/comraderie
  • Goal setting: create a sense of urgency
  • Customer Care: follow up, follow up.
  • Pushy people aren't afraid to be pushy. OFFER, don't push.
  • Take the time to pray before a call or meeting to be of service to your clients and to prepare their hearts to be open to your product/service.
  • Remember to have fun!
Check out a short interview with founder and CEO Heidi Leist on her mission and advice she provides for Missionpreneurs: