Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Taking Time to Recharge and Rest

Many of you know that I spent the last few months On A Mission working on my thesis for my masters program. It was three intense months where I literally have not had downtime. Such has been my masters career over the last couple of years, as I've been studying, running my own business and launching my book.

How often do we go through life On A Mission with no time for ourselves? Are you giving yourself enough “recharge” or rest time? Here are some tips to recharge your life: 

1. Schedule “recharge” time in your calendar in advance. That way, other errands or tasks won’t easily distract you. Make your friends and family aware of your schedule so they don’t interrupt you during your “recharge” hours. As an entrepreneur, I can work all day but since I love what I do, I don’t see all of it as “work.” I still need to find “recharge” time throughout the day. On days that I work from home, I try to take a 20-minute afternoon nap or go for an energizing walk. These little breaks are refreshing and help recharge my mind. Oftentimes, I even schedule other meetings around these breaks.

2. Take off periodic "recharge" days. This can be done on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis. I try to schedule one day every couple of weeks of "me time." Even just a weekend of doing nothing or engaging in a physical or spiritual activity can be incredibly uplifting. During the holidays, take at least a couple of days to unwind and recharge prior to the hustle and bustle of shopping and family gatherings.

3. Schedule at least two weeks of vacation each year. If you’re not taking enough vacation or rest days, what are you prioritizing instead? If you have not incorporated vacation into your overall life goals, now's the time to revisit your goals and make it a priority. Rest and play are crucial for living out your Mission!
The above excerpt is derived from Ch. 4 of Sculpt Your Life From Sketch to Masterpiece(TM). This program has 12 keys to success and is designed to motivate you to increase your productivity, reach your goals and ultimately fulfill your Mission!