Friday, April 3, 2015

MicroTheater Miami Promoting Live, Local Theater & Improv

MicroTheater Miami is a hidden gem in South Florida, promoting live, local theater in Miami in both English and Spanish. This fun, new entertainment in Miami is sponsored by a Knight Foundation grant in Spanish and English, and during the month of April it will also be brought to the public in part by O Miami Poetry Festival, during poetry month. 

This is all held at the Centro Cultural de Espana, which has been sharing this form of theater in Miami for three years strong now. This form of microtheater, or microteatro in Spanish, is very popular in Spain, and I have been told has even be shared in caves in some cities across Spain. 
The Miami version of microtheater has seven cargo containers turned into makeshift mini theaters--a tight, yet intimate space that is perfect for these "shorts" of 15 minutes or less. Each show is $5 and you can watch as many or as little as you'd like. The plays are held throughout the night, as each company reproduces their show six times every evening. The genres range from comedy to drama and mystery.

I'm particularly excited that during April, MicroTheater Miami has decided to create its first ever Dynamic Night of Theater alongside the English Prime-Time. The new Dynamic Night, includes six unscripted, improvised plays which will run every Wednesday, starring many of the best local improvisers. The regular English Prime Time is on Thursdays in April, and both run from 8pm to 11pm. Spanish Prime-Time runs Friday and Saturday from 8pm-11pm, and Sundays from 7pm-10pm. 

The improvised containers during April will include many of my improviser friends throughout South Florida, which is a real treat for lovers of improv. The containers include:
  • Comedy School Dropouts' "Mono: The Show of Fate", which is one long scene about a cult made up on the spot, featuring improviser Jonathan Cabrera
  • Mike Nato's Meatball Container, which will feature one scene in the trippy #MethTub, a-la Breaking Bad 
  • "To Sterling With Love", 1950's twilight zone inspired scenes presented by Kristy Weber's improv company Miamah Comedy
  • "One Night In Prison", which brings musings from two inmates from inside a prison cell, directed by IO teacher Jeff Quintana
  • "Scribble-Knot", where a quirky, scribbled dry-erase board set forms a backdrop to the play,   directed by Impromedy's Ozzie Quintana
  • South Florida Improv Showcase featuring several high-energy short games such as pick-a-line and interrogation, compiled by one of South Florida's best improvisers Carlos Rivera, founder of