Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Defining Your Mission

My tagline is always: What’s Your Mission? 

This stems from  many years of my own search for my own Mission. After years of working in business and banking, it became clear I wasn’t doing what I was called to. I am continually asking myself, what am I called to do on this planet?
Even though pursuing my mission has been an evolution—and likely to continue to evolve—I am certain that I am doing what I meant to do at this moment.

I’m so happy that Mission Based Branding Institute helps fulfill my mission to help passionate individuals and brands implement their missions.   

So, what do I mean by “Mission”? Here is how I define “Mission”: 


1. A brand or individual’s reason for being in existence. An overwhelming “why” or purpose for being in existence. A Mission can be the brand’s core competency, and is usually defined as the profitable aspect of a business or what the core service or product is.

2. An aligned cause or philanthropic initiative that a Brand chooses to help make a difference in the community. This is typically tied to a non-profit measure.
For most mission-driven or socially-conscious businesses, the Brand’s core competency in itself may be for the betterment of the community or planet. And most nonprofits make money from their core competency, however the profits are used for charitable or community purposes.
So, what's your Mission?