Thursday, March 8, 2012

What is Living as Your Highest Self?

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"Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle" 

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Christine, is an all-around successful person. Not only is she beautiful, funny and smart, but she's got a wonderful family, two gorgeous kids, and is excelling at her profession. 

She has consistently been nominated or named Employee of the Year for her industry, and has been awarded numerous times. She loves what she does and her coworkers, employers and clients love her. This year she even won a new car and had her face plastered on a billboard on a major thoroughfare so everyone driving by could see she is the best at what she does. 

So what does Christine do? 

She's a history teacher, and at a public middle school no less.

Talk about dedication to her craft and profession! Admittedly, when I was in college there was no way I would have ever become a teacher. I felt like that was too unambitious, too unprofessional.

Growing up, though, I was often a tutor earning my spending/summer money from helping other kids in reading and math. In fact, what do I do now? I teach! I provide training seminars and webinars and write books and articles, all to teach. And I continue to mentor, coach and "tutor" other professionals and business owners every day.

Christine is proving every year that you can love what you do do and be very successful doing it...that goes for anything you do, including being a public school teacher. Plus she's making a difference every day!

So to impart my wisdom in this article, the moral of this story is to be the best you can be in any chosen profession or endeavor you encounter. Choose to live as your highest self in all areas of your life! 

One day you may even become: "[FILL IN THE BLANK] of the Year"!!

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