Thursday, December 8, 2011

5 Actionable Steps to Brand Yourself Today

I've mentioned before that Branding is a long-term success strategy. The following are 5 actionable steps you can do today to increase your Branding image and recognition.

1. Visualize and set Long-Term Goals - Aim high in all areas of your life, including your success, fame and recognition as you want it. Visualize exactly how you want your life to be. Based on your visualization, write down your goals 5, 10, 15 and 30 years out.

2. Ask your clients for Testimonials/Endorsements - Ask a few of your most satisfied clients for endorsements and post them on your website or newsletter. 

3. Document your work - Think in terms of a retrospective down the road. Document the work you have sold in the past, any awards, honors and press articles received, etc. [Okay this may take more than a day.. perhaps a weekend. But it's worth it!]

4. Do a search for your name - Make sure the first page of is all positive or at least factual! Create a Alert to spot any negative postings associated with your name.  

5. Add tags to any of your websites online - Your tags should include your name and a few keywords that you most want to associate with you. Apart from your website and blog, include tags on YouTube videos, Flickr images, etc.

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