Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Taking Responsibility for Your Actions

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Hopefully most of you have been watching the Olympics and seen my favorite Gator swimmer Ryan Lochte win a few Olympic medals, including 2 golds. Lochte stars in a commercial from AT&T in which he says "Luck didn't get me to London, I swam here."

That is so powerful. (And not just because he's a gold medal winning Olympic champion and world record breaking swimmer!) Instead of leaving it up to luck or destiny, hard work, discipline, persistence and commitment will get you results. 

Very successful people realize they are in control and take ownership of the results in their lives. They are decisive and confident in their decisions. 

On the other hand, it is very common for most of us to see ourselves with blinders and not realize how we act or our role in our decisions and actions. We give lame excuses that involve everyone and everything other than ourselves.

Last week I mentioned that many people use the term "I can't" very loosely. Be very clear about what you can and cannot do.

Are you holding yourself accountable for all your decisions and actions? Blaming other people such as your family, boss and other external sources is a common way to avoid taking responsibility. Instead of looking at your role in a situation, many of us think thoughts like "if only he/she/they would do/say/be..." things would be better. 

If you're not getting the success you want in your life, you may need to take a step back and assess your thoughts and behaviors. 

Taking full responsibility for your life is extremely empowering... and will lead you down the path toward success. Blaming outside forces (or even holding on to our own shortcomings) is irresponsible and will keep you stuck in the same status. 

Action Step: Notice the next time you say "I can't" or blame other people or outside forces for the events and results you get in your life. Catch yourself before you say these words. Instead of
"I can't" use terms such as "I choose" or "I prioritize." When something you are working on does not pan out, acknowledge your role and that you can try harder or try a different approach. You'll be on your way to Empowerment! 

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