Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Facebook Ads: To Use or Not?

If you've been following me for a while, you know I love sharing information you can use to leverage your business. And there's no more leverage than taking advantage of the internet and the places where people (ie potential clients) are "hanging out."

According to Facebook.com, the social networking site had 955 million monthly active users at the end of June 2012. With continued growth, various estimates peg the site reaching 1 billion users this month (August). Chances are most of your clients or new leads are "hanging out" on this site at least a couple of hours per week. Does your business have a page and a social media strategy to take advantage of these potential leads?
I always like to share what has worked for me, and that is Facebook.com Ads. I've used Facebook Ads both to drive traffic to my startup artist's community ArtistaMundo.com and my personal website for my coaching business Artista Coaching. I'm going to try them out soon to drive more Likes from qualified leads to my new Facebook page.

Here are 4 Reasons why I use it, and good tips for you to consider as well:

1. They're Inexpensive: You can choose how much you want to pay per day or over a time period, like a launch campaign. I have always used the pay-per-click kind, but you can also pay for general exposure. This option allows you to compete with the "big girls" like national brands!

2. Can be based on Broad or Highly Targeted Criteria: Let's face it, using Facebook isn't "free." Each user's profile is filled with their interests, age, gender, career, education, location, etc. You can select broad criteria, such as "females who like art" or very targeted criteria such as "females, ages 18-22 that attend University of Florida and live in Gainesville, FL." That's pretty darn cool!

3. Very Effective with a Strong Call-to-Action: What do you want your client to do next? You can use it to gain more "Likes" for your page, or you can send visitors to a landing page on your site where you want them to do something, like sign up for a newsletter, free gift or peruse your products. Just make sure you don't send them to a weak landing page that says nothing about you or your business, unless you'd like to see how quickly you can waste a $1.50 click.

4. Great for Testing: Do you have a new product line or marketing campaign you'd like to test out? Try several different ads with different verbiage to see what gets clicked on. I've used this to determine keywords, phrases and categories that resonate the most with my target audience. You can even try it on different landing pages to see what gets the best results. 

Bottom line is they're relatively cheap, targeted and effective. While there's no guarantee that users will "see" or click on your ad, the beauty is you can create different ads and verbiage to test what does work. If you haven't tried them yet, why don't you invest $25 and test it out?

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