Thursday, May 17, 2012

Clean Up to Move Up

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Are you feeling stuck, like you're not moving forward in your life? This is not unusual, especially now in the late spring.. everything seems to slow down. 
However, you may be able to clean up some loose ends and set a clear new path toward a successful life! In other words, clean up your life to move up in life! 

Here are five suggestions to help you start:

1. De-Clutter: This refers to your home, car, purse or life in general! The Chinese technique Feng Shui, teaches that clutter is a major cause of chaos, sickness and stress in our lives, and it constricts the flow of energy. Try spring cleaning--dump those old papers, broken appliances and unused trinkets. According to my sister Annette, an Ayurvedic Educator, it is best to do this during the full moon (aka "waxing") period per Kabbalistic teaching. So get a headstart now!

2. Let Go of Old Baggage: Similar to clutter, holding on to baggage can restrict our energy flow and keep us from moving forward. Forgive those that have hurt you, ask for forgiveness and let go of past grievances or mistakes. Whatever you're holding on to, is it really worth it? You'll feel much better when you lift the weight and move on!

3. Reflect on your past: Think back on the past year, 3 years, 5 years--have you been leading the life you want and fulfilling your purpose? Are you progressing in your life, staying stagnant or moving backward? Have you made mistakes or experienced any difficult experiences? If you haven't done so yet, turn these into positive opportunities to grow and learn.  

4. Set New Goals: I've written before about setting goals. I challenge you to have one or two HUGE "Masterpiece" goals that stretch you out of your comfort zone and get you to aim high. If you need a bit more assistance, download my free "Sketch Your Goals" Guide for making this your best year ever!

5. Rest and Recharge: This may be easy now that summer is almost here and school is nearly completed. Try to take at least a couple of days to do NOTHING. Yes, Nothing! That rest period may be the perfect time to reflect, let go of the past and set goals.

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