Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Overwhelmed and Can't Find "Enough Time"?

Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it.
~Leonardo da Vinci
How are we going to complete all our tasks today? Many of us entrepreneurs and professionals get caught in the trap of never having "enough time." We regularly feel overwhelmed with having too much to do all by ourselves. Guess what? You'll never have "enough time"!

In many cases, there is work you don’t want to do, don’t do well, or just don’t have any "additional time” for. For example, assume this week you must create a new website, set up accounting software and print marketing material. Even though each of these projects may not be particularly difficult to undertake individually, you prefer not to handle any of this “busy work.” Plus it may take an inordinate amount of research and execution time to perform each of these tasks properly because you are not an expert in any of these functions.

Delegating some administrative tasks may be a blessing! For affordable prices, you could hire an assistant or contractor to handle duties such as answering emails and creating marketing material. Many assistants are professionally trained and actually want to help you! Ask friends and colleagues for referrals, search online databases of freelance professionals or research a reputable local concierge service.

Apart from administrative duties, assess other areas in your life that may be zapping undesired time and energy every month. Can you eliminate or lessen unimportant routines, processes or frivolous requests? Can you create automated systems for recurring items, such as online billing services? Finding solutions to even these menial tasks can feel liberating. 

Imagine what freeing up 10 hours a week of this “busy work” would do for you and your business? Passing off these items will get your mind back to focusing on your Masterpiece Purpose. You can even use that extra hour or two a day for fun or rest! Delegating these tasks actually affords you more time, energy and the possibility for profits! Do you really want to sacrifice your sanity, health and potential masterpiece work to save a few bucks?

When life starts to get tough and you don’t know how to handle it, remember that all it takes is one small step forward. This may also be the right time to seek additional support, hire an assistant, call a success coach or attend a productivity seminar! You can handle it! 
*Excerpt derived from Ch. 5 of Sculpt Your Life From Sketch to Masterpiece(TM) Success Program. This program has 12 keys to success and is designed to motivate you to increase your productivity, reach your goals and ultimately fulfill your purpose

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