Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to Turn Resolutions Into Goals You Can Achieve

    (From left, Marbeth Dunn, Erika Firenczi, Jolie Glassman, Joanne Burgess, Alexandra Figueredo)
(From left, Marbeth Dunn, Erika Firenczi, Jolie Glassman, Joanne Burgess, Alexandra Figueredo)
Most people start of the year motivated by ambitious resolutions, whether it's starting a new fitness routine, a new business venture or some other big dream. Oftentimes, their goals fizzle away within weeks.

January’s signature meeting of the Greater Miami Holistic Chamber of Commerce tackled this topic of turning those resolutions into real, achievable goals all year round. A distinguished panel of success experts shed light on this subject and shared their best tips and strategies to achieve those goals once and for all:

- Joanne Burgess, certified life coach, master NLP practitioner and founder of Flight of Minds, overcame several challenges to get to where she is today, including moving from another country (England) and growing up with dyslexia. She believes the most important part of achieving success is to focus. “What you focus on, you create,” she said. To that end, she suggests limiting distractions as well as negative people in one’s life. Also, language is very powerful and she advises being aware of the words you’re using and focusing on.

- Jolie Glassman, founder of South Beach Boxing, a local gym that earns over $1 million in revenue per year, doesn’t believe in excuses. She shares her three keys to success. First, be totally immersed in one’s goal, making it an obsession and living within purpose. Second, make education a priority, constantly learning and growing by making time for personal and professional development. Third, play up on one’s strengths, motivating rather than discouraging oneself.

- Erika Ferenczi is a business and wealth mindset mentor and founder of Profits for Freedom and the Unstoppable Female. Growing up in a divorced household and then facing a diminishing marriage as an adult, she quickly realized she needed to do whatever it takes to become financially independent. “It’s not about the money, but what the money allows you to do when you get it. It is all about freedom and choice,” she said. She suggests three ways to achieving one’s goals. First, reach the point of “enough is enough” and attach success either to a lot of pleasure, or to a lot of pain if not achieved. Next, become aware of secret thoughts in one’s head and be honest about those. Lastly, set yourself up for success, asking yourself what steps are you actually taking, are you being the person that achieves success and are you making your life your legacy?

- Marbeth Dunn, The Joy To Abundance Strategist and creator of Spiritual Wealth Activation System, overcame abandonment and abuse as a child that carried over into her adult life to now help others overcome their own challenges. “In our challenges there are so many blessings. These roadblocks are our teachers,” she said. When she finally realized her thoughts have power, everything shifted for her. No matter how much you plan for success, if your thoughts are creating resistance, you won’t effectively manifest your desires. When the voices or “committees” in our head get crazy, she recommends stepping back, being present and not judging oneself for these thoughts. One can release resistance by first becoming aware of it and then allowing oneself to intensify those feelings until they begin to dissipate. It may help to seek counsel from a coach, hypnotist, EFT practitioner, therapist or another practitioner trained in helping release baggage and saboteurs.

In conclusion, in order to create sustainable, lasting success in any area of one’s life, we must get clear and focus on what we desire, have a can-do, no-excuses attitude that takes action, ignore the negative self talk, people and distractions, and clear the subconscious mindset blocks that may sabotage our success. So what’s your big goal for the year?

Alexandra Figueredo is president of Greater Miami Holistic Chamber of Commerce and founder of Mission Based Branding Institute, a full-service communications agency and training platform dedicated to helping mission-driven individuals and businesses. Contact her at or 305-209-5886.

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