Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Clear Out the Clutter to See Clearly

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Landmark Forum, a personal development seminar geared at helping you get out of your own way. Wow, what an experience it was!  

Through that process, I broke through the "clutter" of issues and circumstances that were inconsequential in my life and business, and gained a greater focus and clarity for my business and most importantly my Mission.  

This is what happens when you clear the clutter...you see more clearly. You have less in the way and can focus better. 

By default, this has allowed me to better assist my clients clarify their mission! 
It has always been my passion to make a difference and make my mission that of helping others make a difference. I'm soon to launch the Mission Based Branding Institute, which has been a beautiful marriage of my background and passion for life.

With that, I hope to help others see clearly what their Mission is, and help create messaging and marketing to bring awareness to that Mission so near to their hearts. 
So, what's your Mission?

*Stayed tuned, we've got lots more to come and fun surprises in store in the coming month as we prepare for the launch of MBBI!

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