Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to Develop your "Olympic Mindset" to Achieve Big Results

Okay so it's Olympic time, and I'm already getting inspired. Who doesn't feel inspired by this image of Michael Phelps with his gold medals?

In fact, it was 4 years ago that Michael Phelps inspired my weightloss journey, helping me lose 15 pounds in 6 weeks as I trekked up and down the stairs of my building up to 5 times (20 flights of stairs) two times a day, in addition to my regular workouts. Was I insane? Yes! But I wanted it badly enough. Before then, I thought I would never lose weight and was hopeless. I had to master my MIND first, before I could master my body. 

The same goes for any professional endeavor you have. In fact, I realized that I really perform at my peak when I break down my goals in short fragments and then FOCUS on them... for example, these are some of the things I was able to accomplish in just 4 weeks or less: write my book Sculpt Your Life From Sketch to Masterpiece(TM); started a business from scratch; got a professional industry certification; applied for and started my Master's; figured out the "sales game" to double my sales without being "salesy"; just to name a few. 

In my own experience and that of my clients, and taking numerous high-performance courses and training seminars, I've learned and now know what it takes to succeed. That's why I became a Success Coach, so I could help my clients succeed in their endeavors. People used to tell me I should be a professional cheerleader because I'm such a positive motivator...but I'm glad I became a certified Coach instead!

So here are the top 8 Characteristics of Winning Olympians that get them to win the MIND game and achieve their goals...and you can develop them too:

1. Desire: you need to want to achieve your goal badly enough!

2. Focus: be clear about what you want 

3. Handle Pressure (with Grace): have the courage to step up and don't crack under pressure

4. Overcome Mistakes/Hurdles: probably the thing I admire most about athletes is their ability to "forget" the mistakes they made yesterday and focus on today

5. Discipline: yes, you have to actual work! But no Pain, no Gain, as the saying goes

6. Persistence: Keep going, never give up even when you want to quit!

7. Get a Coach/Support: Every great athlete has a great coach. A coach hones your strengths and helps mitigate your weaknesses. Plus of course, you simply cannot perform at your peak if you don't have the support.

8. Commitment: An Olympian commits to a goal, and sees it through to completion. Even if they "fail", they commit to improve themselves and train harder.

Well there you have it. If you're interested in help with your own "Olympic Goal" transformation with rapid results, check out my next 4-Week Accelerated Coaching Program! If you're ready for BIG transformation results in just a few weeks, developing a high performance mindset to achieve your dream biz goal, check it out! Are you ready to develop your "Olympic Mindset"?

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