Thursday, July 19, 2012

Aim BIG to get BIG Results

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Right here and now I’m giving you permission to aim BIG...aim for the stars with your dreams and vision. If that sound a bit cheesy, remember that I am a motivational coach pushing you to reach your greatest individual success!  

Always aim high with your goals, even if some may seem out of reach. The worst that can happen is that you push yourself beyond what you ever imagined possible. And guess what? You may even reach your goals!  

In less than six months, I wrote, edited, designed and launched a book, and can now say I’m an Author. That all started with a vision and a goal. I didn’t want to just be a journalist or blogger and keep writing articles; I firmly decided to write a book! Then I followed up and made it happen.  

There’s also the income goal. Whenever I start talking to my clients about earning hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars, somehow they think this is out of their scope of reality. Is earning this much income really out of your reality? If you’re working in line with your purpose—what I call your Masterpiece Purpose--you deserve to earn all the income to which you aspire. Since you’re getting paid to do what you love anyway, why not earn as much as you want doing it? You must first see yourself worthy of receiving it.  

In fact most very wealthy people started off poor, broke or with all the odds against them, and ALL they had was a dream or vision to hold on to. 

Although it’s not always about money, focus on what you really want and don’t be afraid to think it, want it or say it. 

Essentially, aiming for your real aspirations allows you to truly live a purposeful, passionate life.

Action Step: When you get some down time, meditate and reflect on your goals and what you really want for your life. Remember, to dream BIG....don't just reach for the trees...aim for the stars!

This article is derived from Ch. 3 on Goals from Sculpt Your Life From Sketch to Masterpiece(TM). This e-book program presents the 12 most powerful strategies for success and is designed to m otivate you to increase your productivity, reach your goals and ultimately fulfill your purpose! 

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