Friday, October 7, 2011

"Masterpiece Marketing" Product Launch!

I'm launching a new marketing video training series! I've been working feverishly to complete this, as many of you artists who were unable to attend my workshops or the webinar series have been highly interested in the information. Here it is! 

Each of the 3 DVD Video Courses are sold separately.... but it's actually a better value to get all 3 video courses plus the bonus video for just $67!! This is a limited time offer only good for the next week as this is the product launch!

This is specifically made for Fine Artists, but the concepts and strategies can be applied to mixed media, commercial art and other arts genres as well. Below are more details and you can read about each one individually in the Products page.

Here's a short explanation on the series:

Here's to your artistic success!!!

"Masterpiece Marketing" 3 Video Course Series plus FREE Bonus Video!

Take Marketing, Sales & Branding to the next level with this "Masterpiece Marketing" DVD Video Training Series. Create strategic marketing plans for your business that are personalized and suited for you and your work! Based around Alexandra's 3 Keys to Marketing Success to allow your work to stand out!

Video Course #1: Traditional Marketing & Sales
Video Course #2: Online & Social Media Marketing
Video Course #3: Branding for Long-Term Success  

Plus BONUS Video & Workbook Questions: Targeting Your Ideal Audience - this 45-minute video and applicable workbook questions will help you identify your ideal clients, find new leads and organize your client lists (Valued at $19.99).

Alexandra's practical and easy-to-follow approach guides you through each of the video courses. Follow along to a step-by-step video presentation of the most important marketing topics relevant to fine artists. The Manuals, available as PDF's, include detailed Notes summarizing the video to easily read at any time. Take the lessons to a new level by answering intensive questions for each section, allowing you to better comprehend and apply the concepts specifically to your business. The programs also include suggested reading resources and Actionable Steps to further your business practice even further.

Buying all 3 Video Courses, plus the BONUS video, is an excellent value at just $97.00, and a must-have for moving your fine art business forward!!

Training Series Introductory Offer: Just $67.00 for a limited time only through October 17, 2011 at midnight EST!! (Price Originally $97.00). 
If you're ready to take your Marketing, Sales & Branding to the next level: 

P.S. - If you have used and are satisfied with this course or would like to refer any of the ArtistaCoaching products, sign up for the Affiliate Program to earn 30% commission on these products. 

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