Saturday, October 9, 2010

Review of Mosquera Collection Exhibit at Freedom Tower

Friday was the opening night reception of the Mosquera Collection exhibition. What a lovely event! First we were welcomed by a gorgeous glowing florescent pink Freedom Tower that exuded Art Deco flair!

Then the entire event was packed with movers and shakers checking out the extensive Cuban American collection of the Mosqueras. One floor was dedicated solely to paintings, mixed media and installations. Another floor was dedicated to films. The venue was beautiful and the event overflowing with art lovers. Overrall it was a truly magnificent artistic evening!
This is me in front of a Pablo Cano piece, who is known for his puppets and toyish art work and sculptures.

In front of a Soriano, one of the Cuban master artists. His art work exudes an ethereal and dream-like haze, and uses bright bold colors.

Abstract painting by Baruj Salinas. Salinas is one of the living master Cuban artists who is a true asset to Miami Dade College and the community teaching art technique classes.

Punching bags with the faces of major US and foreign political figures? This installation is by Antuan Rodriguez, a Cuban artist whose work has many socio-political undertones. He also had an excellent video in the exhibit also incorporating the punching bags.

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