Friday, October 1, 2010

Oktoberfest bier, music, food and fun hits Coral Gables

The Deutschland is definitely the place to be this October 2010. That’s because it’s the 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest! What other celebration allows you to dance polka while wearing lederhosen and still maintain your dignity?

If you aren’t fortunate enough to jet across the Atlantic this month, a close alternative is hitting Fritz & Franz Bierhaus in Coral Gables, FL.

The Bierhaus is planning Oktoberfest festivities from October 1 through October 10. That’s 10 days of great bier, music and my personal favorite… the bratwurst sandwich!

The Bierhaus will highlight three typical German biers in their bier garden: a blonde pilsner, a dark lager, and the “Oktoberfest” which is somewhere in the middle.

Although you will catch me practicing my German by ordering “Ein bier, bitte,” I much prefer to accompany my Brat with a glass of Riesling, which can be purchased at an adjacent wine garden.

As I’ve already alluded, Fritz & Franz serves traditional Bavarian/Austrian foods. Bratwurst, wiener schnitzel, sauerkraut, strudel… all the usual Oktoberfest staples to maintain atleast some level of sobriety.

Several bands from Austria and Germany will be performing throughout the festival as well. The catchy polka tunes are just perfect for the “happy” patrons to dance along to. And in usual German style, the bands stop playing every few songs to lead the crowd in a toast (any excuse to drink!).

If you’re brave (or inebriated), you can participate in Jodel and Bratwurst-eating contests. Plus they have a station conveniently located next to the alcoholic beverages selling raffle tickets to raise funds for CHARLEE Homes for Children. Help support the kids!

So bring along your stein (aka liter-sized beer glass), or better yet an enormous glass boot to toast to cooler Miami weather! Prost!

For more information on Fritz & Franz Bierhaus in Coral Gables, visit

Oktoberfest at Fritz & Franz Bierhaus
Where: 60 Merrick Way, Coral Gables, FL
When: Oct. 1 – 10, from 11 am – 12 am midnight
Admission: Free; payment for food and beverages based on tickets paid for in cash

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  1. Totally agree senorita! Excellent round-up of the good time at F&F. That bratwurst sandwhich was truly memorable. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your future articles.