Sunday, September 26, 2010

Viernes Culturales art exhibit pays homage to late Russian abstract painter

By Alexandra Figueredo

September 26, 2010

Among the bands and dancers performing along SW 8th Street at Friday’s Viernes Culturales Arts & Culture Festival, there is a growing art following of the galleries in the Little Havana district of Miami. 

There are 13 art galleries which participate and are open during Viernes Culturales. Although the monthly festival has traditionally been known more as an open-air music and street arts fair, the galleries in Little Havana have gained recognition in the last couple of years for their representation of emerging and well-known Latin American artiststs and quality exhibits.

The Viernes Culturales Art Gallery located at 742 SW 16th Ave.. held its opening reception on Friday for its group exhibit “Miami Abstractions 2010.” Master Cuban painter Baruj Salinas is the curator of the exhibit. The artists represented include Blanca Caraballo, Ina Esteva, Tony Nunez, Celia Reigle and Emilio Hector Rodriguez, all former students of Salinas.

The show pays homage to Russian abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky on the 100-year anniversary of his first abstract painting. Much like Kandinsky’s work in abstraction, all of the pieces use vibrant colors and present an ephereal and dream-like view of reality.

According to Salinas, each artist displays good taste and imagination with the pieces chosen. “It is a different kind of exhibition, and one that deserves the attention of critics and the public,” said Salinas. 

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