Give Back

The Arts Make a Difference in many people's lives and have the power to change the world! 

To that end, Artista Foundation, Inc. was formed as a charitable organization whose purpose is to support artists and promote the arts. 

Our mission is to provide up-and-coming artists and underserved communities with opportunities related to the arts in order to provide exposure to the arts, foster talent and serve as a therapeutic medium. Our funds provide programming for arts education and arts therapy, as well as scholarships, grants and other programs related to the arts.
Artista Foundation, Inc. supports the following activities:
-       Arts education classes for underserved communities in youth centers, hospitals and homeless shelters
-       Exhibits and art events to promote artists and arts organizations
-       Art Tours of museums, art galleries and other arts & culture venues
-       Arts-related educational programming and content for online, TV and print media
-       Sales of art work and art auctions for charity events and other fundraisers
-       Collection and distribution of arts supplies for children and underserved persons at schools, youth centers, hospitals and homeless shelters
-       Education and travel scholarships to students enrolled in arts programs
Annette and Alexandra Figueredo with Latin Grammy Award winner Jorge Moreno at a charity art auction co-sponsored by and Artista Foundation

Kindly consider donating to Artista Foundation, Inc, no matter the amount. We sincerely appreciate your generous donation that will help support our arts programs and other charitable causes listed above. 

For more information on Artista Foundation or to donate to this cause, please contact